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Issues I can help you with, professional services I offer, more about hypnosis and NLP, articles, recommended books.

Issues I can help you with

List of what my methods work well for, including weight loss, smoking cessation, anxiety, depression, fear of public speaking, and health problems:

The famous NLP natural allergy cure has cured thousands of people. Get permanent, 100% relief in just 1 to 4 sessions, with NO drugs!

Activate mind-body healing to get well. Discover a key factor in 90% of illnesses that your doctor can't help you with — and what to do about it.

Proven healing methods that work where conventional and alternative medicine fail. Use methods proven effective by research to heal back pain, cancer, and more.

Hypnotherapy and NLP services

My professional services include therapeutic and coaching sessions in person and by phone.

About Jan "yon" Saeger and his qualifications. I have advanced NLP certification, and studied from top trainers including Robert Dilts, Richard Bolstad, and Tim Hallbom. I also do hypnosis.

Your appointment: How to make an appointment, the disclosure form (required for phone sessions), easy methods of payment.

Map and directions to my Piedmont office (north Oakland, just south of Berkeley).

What my qualifications mean. Just what does it mean that I am a certified Hypnotist, NLP Master Practitioner and certified NLP Health Practitioner?


Hypnosis is a way of using the hidden powers of your mind to effectively deal with behavior, health, performance, and psychological issues.

What is hypnosis and what can it do for me? Find out what hypnosis is good for, and when other approaches such as NLP work better.

Hypnosis books: My top picks from a crowded field. Introductory to advanced.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

NLP information and resources, including articles, trainings, practice groups, and more.

What is NLP? A brief introduction to the most powerful personal development, performance-enhancement, and therapeutic field in existence.

NLP can improve just about anything. Whether you want to rid yourself of a problem, improve a relationship, or boost your athletic or professional performance, NLP can help. It is famous for its fast, lasting cures of allergies, phobias, smoking, and addictions. It can even help serious health problems such as cancer.

NLP Practitioners Doing Therapy?! NLP trainer and former Gestalt therapist Steve Andreas compares therapy and NLP for their power to do harm and to heal. From Anchor Point magazine, 2000.

Recommended NLP books. Out of hundreds of NLP books, I recommend these most. Beginning to advanced.

Resources for the NLP professional: Articles, links, resources for professional practice.

Learn and practice NLP

NLP trainings I recommend. These are world-class trainers I have worked with personally, from the "Ivy League" of NLP training institutes.

SF Bay Area NLP and hypnosis practice groups. Learn NLP, hone your skills, and learn from the NLP community.

East Bay NLP Cafe. This NLP practice and learning group meets monthly in or near Berkeley.

NLP research

New developments in NLP: Explore the cutting edge of personal development and change work.


Articles and stories about personal healing, goal-setting, hypnosis, NLP, and more.

Introductory hypnosis and NLP

What is hypnosis and what can it do for me? Find out what hypnosis is good for, and when other approaches work better.

What is NLP? A quick introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the most effective personal development process known.

Try some basic NLP. Learn surprising things about how your brain processes information.

NLP Practitioners Doing Therapy?! NLP trainer and former Gestalt therapist Steve Andreas compares the safety and effectiveness of therapy and NLP. From Anchor Point magazine, 2000.

Setting good goals explores complementary methods for setting goals from NLP and Holistic Management.

Health issues

Natural allergy cure A short article about the fast and effective allergy cure I use.

What causes allergies? Strange things can happen when the immune system mistakes a mistake.

Use your mind to help your body heal explores how mental factors are active in 90% of illnesses. By using the power of your mind, you can enhance health care and recovery from injury and illness. Includes a sidebar about Mental healing methods that work

Healing stories

Therapeutic metaphors are teaching tales that work with the secret powers of your mind to unleash your hidden abilities and increase your mental health. Fun for kids and adults.

The tortoise — a tale about personal limitations and change.

The tree in the road — a story that speaks to old positive intentions.

NLP articles for NLP practitioners and professionals

For NLP students, practitioners, and professionals.

Markova modality stacking adds many useful distinctions to the NLP understanding of modalities. With W. Keppel, 2004.

Basics of Markova modality stacking, Part 1: Introduction, Part 2: 6 patterns of human intelligence, Part 3: How the patterns affect communication and learning, Part 4: Eliciting Markova stacks, Part 5: How to utilize Markova stacks. 2004.

What's your Markova stack? Easy questionnaire to help you determine your own pattern.

How to switch your Markova stack. Methods from Sergey Berezin and W. Keppel, 2006.

How Markova stacks affect relationships. 2004.

Solving problems and creating therapeutic metaphors by getting your natural intelligences working together. 2004.

How to do a doyletic Speed Trace. A fast and simple way to recode unpleasant states so they don't recur.

Eliciting fast sequences: time distortion and alternatives. Useful when eliciting the elements of any process that seems to happen instantly (such as a sudden mood shift). With Steve Andreas.

Modeling synchronicity with NLP reports the common elements of synchronicity patterns, and suggests a process for modeling them.

NLP professional practice

The Draft disclosure form written to meet the requirements of the new California alternative health care law, SB577. By the East Bay NLP Cafe, 2004.


Recommended CDs and books: the very best self-help, NLP, hypnosis, and health titles, picked by a discriminating expert who reads hundreds of books per year.

Self-help books that really work. There are a zillion personal development books out there, packed with good ideas. But most self-help books don't work. Why? Because they tell you what to do, but don't give specific steps for how to do it. These books give detailed instructions so you can succeed in getting the changes you want.

Health books. Some of the most exciting books I've seen, these outline proven methods for healing back pain without surgery, getting well from illnesses, even recovering from cancer.

Hypnosis books: My top picks from a very crowded field. Beginner to advanced.

NLP books. Try the world's most powerful personal development method for yourself. Beginner to advanced.


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