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NLP training: recommended NLP trainers

I can recommend the following programs, either because I trained with them (NLP Institute of California) or because I have first-hand experience of at least one of their trainers.

The "Ivy League" of U.S. NLP training institutes

NLP & coaching trainer Tim Hallbom
Tim Hallbom

NLP Institute of California
San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento, California

Run by Kris and Tim Hallbom. I consider Tim an excellent trainer. NLPCA also brings in many other top trainers so students experience a variety of teaching styles. I highly recommend NLPCA trainings.

During my NLPCA certifications, I trained with Tim Hallbom, Robert Dilts, Suzi Smith, Richard Bolstad, Nick LeForce, Dee Kinder, and Lynda Fudold.

NLP trainer Robert Dilts
Robert Dilts

NLP trainer Steve Andreas
Steve Andreas

NLP University
Santa Cruz, California

Run by Robert Dilts and Judith DeLozier. I have heard consistently good reports of this NLP school. I trained with Robert Dilts during Health Practitioner Certification Training.

NLP Comprehensive

Founded by Connirae and Steve Andreas. I have heard consistently good reports of this NLP school.

New Zealand NLP training

NLP trainer Richard Bolstad
Dr. Richard Bolstad


Run by Richard Bolstad, another excellent trainer who taught part of my Master Practitioner course.

Finding quality NLP and hypnosis training

Consumer's guide to good NLP training

An excellent article by Connirae and Steve Andreas, on the NLP Comprehensive website.


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