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Markova modality stacking describes 6 basic patterns of human intelligence that involve how people process sensory information. Use these distinctions to deepen rapport, improve communication, take people into and out of trance conversationally, and more. A version of this article just appeared in Anchor Point magazine in 2004.

How to do a doyletic Speed Trace. A fast and simple way to recode unpleasant states so they don't recur. 2004.

Eliciting fast sequences: time distortion and alternatives. Useful when eliciting the elements of any process that seems to happen instantly (such as a sudden mood shift). With Steve Andreas. 2004.

Modeling synchronicity with NLP reports the common elements of synchronicity patterns, and suggests a process for modeling them. 2003.

NLP professional practice

Draft disclosure form written to meet the requirements of the new California alternative health care law, SB577. By the East Bay NLP Cafe, 2004.

Some of the most useful NLP resources online:

Articles by Steve Andreas, author of numerous NLP books and perhaps the best writer in NLP today. At

Anchor Point magazine has many excellent articles posted online. At

Encyclopedia of Systemic NLP and NLP New Coding. A 1,500 page opus by Robert Dilts and Judith DeLozier, with articles on virtually every NLP topic. Limited daily page views at low resolution (prints poorly), or buy the printed version from Amazon.


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