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What is NLP? A quick introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the most effective personal development process known.

Try some basic NLP. Learn surprising things about how your brain works.

NLP Practitioners Doing Therapy?! NLP trainer and former Gestalt therapist Steve Andreas compares the safety and effectiveness of therapy and NLP. From Anchor Point magazine, 2000.

Setting good goals explores complementary methods for setting goals from NLP and Holistic Management. 2002.

Health issues

Natural allergy cure A short article about the fast and effective allergy cure I use.

What causes allergies? Strange things can happen when the immune system mistakes a mistake.

Use your mind to help your body heal explores how mental factors are active in 90% of illnesses. By using the power of your mind, you can enhance health care and recovery from injury and illness. Includes a sidebar about Mental healing methods that work

Healing stories

Therapeutic metaphors are magical stories that heal old hurts while expanding the powers of your mind.

The tree in the road — a story that speaks to old positive intentions. By W. Keppel, 2004.

The tortoise — a tale about personal limitations and change. By W. Keppel, 2004.

Intermediate and advanced NLP

NLP articles for NLPers are intended for NLP Practitioners and NLP professionals.


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