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Summary: Activating the right mental factors can make both conventional and alternative medicine much more effective, activate natural healing, and help you get the most out of medical care and holistic health treatment.

A leading factor in illness and recovery

By 1950, doctors knew that the mind was involved in at least 50% of illnesses. Today, research has demonstrated that 90% of illnesses have a psychological component or cause.

Sometimes the mind causes physical problems (allergies, for instance). Other times it slows or prevents healing. In the 1970s, Lawrence LeShan's research revealed that mental factors make the difference between people who heal from cancer and those who die.

Unfortunately, doctors still don't know what to do about this. Virtually all health care aims at physical ailments and ignores mental factors. Alternative medicine pays more attention to psychological issues, but mostly lacks effective methods to deal with them.

Why your doctor can't help

The problem is that many key factors for healing lie outside your conscious awareness. You don't know that you have a particular belief, attitude, or internal conflict that's causing a health problem, and neither does your doctor or chiropractor. Even if you do know about it, most methods for dealing with it are slow, laborious, and ineffective.

Use effective methods

Using hypnosis and NLP, I detect and deal directly with what you do unconsciously. This means my methods are ideal for dealing with health-related problems. And because I utilize the ways your brain and body naturally work, once we change what your mind-body system is doing, it continues automatically.

In use for over 20 years, the methods I use have helped people heal from allergies, weight problems and eating disorders, diabetes, and more. Some people have even healed from cancer!

Activate mental healing

In 1982, the mother of noted NLP developer Robert Dilts developed inoperable cancer. NLP studies and utilizes the patterns of how people do things successfully. Robert worked with his mother to change every thinking pattern that might contribute to her illness or prevent her recovery. Following four days of NLP treatment, she got well without chemotherapy, radiation, or other conventional treatment.

NLP healing book

This led to the development of a wide variety of health-related NLP applications, described in Robert's book Beliefs: Pathways to Health and Well-Being (see sidebar). These have proved effective for helping people heal from cancer, allergies, wounds and surgery, diabetes, AIDS, and many other illnesses and conditions.

Because it mainly deals with what people do outside conscious awareness, NLP is ideal for dealing with health-related issues. And because it uses the way the brain naturally works, it gets results easily, effectively, and quickly.

Help heath care heal you

NLP is not a substitute for other health care. Instead, it works with other healing modalities to make them work more powerfully.

Many illnesses have multiple causes. "If you deal with one cause, you may not deal with the whole problem," says Dilts. Whether you choose mainstream medicine, holistic health care, Chinese medicine, homeopathic care, or other modalities, NLP can help you get better results.

Beliefs get you well

Dilts and his colleagues discovered that beliefs are vital factors in wellness. With beliefs that support good health, people often get well from seemingly "hopeless" illnesses. Without these factors, even someone who overcomes illness may get sick again later, or succumb to something else.

A woman had interviewed 100 "cancer survivors" … who had been given a terminal diagnosis of cancer with a poor prognosis for recovery, but who [were] still alive and healthy, enjoying life ten or twelve years later. Interestingly enough, she could find no common patterns in the treatment received by these people. Different people received different treatments, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, nutrition programs, surgery, spiritual healing, etc. However, there was one thing that these survivors all shared: they all believed that the method of treatment they were getting was going to work for them. The belief, not the treatment, made the difference.

Beliefs: Pathways to Health and Well-Being
by Robert Dilts, Tim Hallbom, and Suzi Smith

The kinds of beliefs important for healing often date from early childhood or infancy, and operate outside conscious awareness. I have worked with people who had very powerful core beliefs such as "I deserve to fail" and "If I succeed, I'll die." These people had no idea that these beliefs existed. They did know that something consistently kept them from getting what they wanted in life.

When you really believe something, you will think, feel, and behave congruently with that belief, both consciously and unconsciously. Since your unconscious mind interfaces with your body and immune system, the right sorts of beliefs can really activate your body's healing powers.

Your unconscious mind is much more powerful than your conscious mind, and generally "runs the show." Once your unconscious aligns with healing, it can muster very powerful resources to get you well.

I can help

Using my advanced training and skills, I can help you

  • Change limiting beliefs that affect your health
  • Resolve inner conflicts that cause problems or prevent wellness
  • Update your unconscious processes to fully support you in living a good life in ways that work now
  • Fully align with health and well-being, consciously and unconsciously

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