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What my qualifications mean

I trained with some of the top trainers and training programs in the world. My qualifications include:

Certified Hypnotist

Jan Saeger: hypnotist, NLP Health Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner
Jan "yon" Saeger

I trained with Nick LeForce, a hypnosis and NLP trainer well known for his skillful use of trance and language patterns. I learned a variety of approaches including Ericksonian hypnotherapy, developed by world-renowned hypnotist Milton Erickson.

Certified NLP Health Practitioner

Health Practitioner Certification Training has been called the graduate school of NLP. Robert Dilts, Tim Hallbom, and Suzi Smith, three of the world's top developers of health-related NLP, teach the 15-day course to about 60 NLP Master Practitioners no more than once per year.

NLP health training focuses on systems — how mind, body, and immune system work together; how an illness can connect to the whole of a person's life (and how healing the illness can heal far more than the body); how dysfunctions in a family can influence physical, mental, and emotional health.

NLP has proved very effective at eliminating allergies, helping traumas and wounds heal faster, and resolving a wide variety of health problems including diabetes and cancer.

Certified NLP Master Practitioner

For graduates of NLP Practitioner training only, this course goes beyond fundamentals and techniques to teach people how to "think in NLP." Master Practitioners learn how to work with timelines, core beliefs, language patterns that help people shift their thinking, and more.

Certified NLP Practitioner

During this training I got extensive practical training in the fundamentals of NLP, and learned many of the standard NLP processes. Like all good NLP courses, it is taught "hands-on": the instructor explains something and then demonstrates it, after which the students go do it.

Transforming Communication certification

I learned leading-edge skills for creating cooperation, resolving conflict, and creating relationships that work from Richard Bolstad, a top NLP trainer and developer from New Zealand.

Top NLP trainers taught me

I trained through the NLP and Coaching Institute of California, considered one of the three top NLP schools in the U.S.A. Like other quality NLP schools, NLPCA brings in some of the world's best trainers so that students experience a variety of teaching styles. I was trained by Tim Hallbom, Robert Dilts, Suzi Smith, Richard Bolstad, Nick LeForce, Dee Kinder, and Lynda Fudold.

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Legal disclaimer: Because California does not license practitioners of "alternative healing arts," which include hypnosis, NLP, and the other types of work I do, Jan Saeger is not licensed as a healing arts practitioners by the state of California.