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About me and my qualifications

After decades of searching for the most powerful and effective personal development and therapy techniques in existence, I found NLP. I had tried many other methods, but NLP works best.

Today I offer you the best therapeutic, personal improvement, and performance enhancement technologies in the world — methods that work quickly, effectively, easily, and permanently. But that's not all.

Most NLPers simply do NLP. I develop it. I improve existing techniques, and develop new ones that are even more powerful, even more effective at creating just the results you want — easily and naturally, using the inborn powers of your mind.

Jan Saeger: hypnotist, NLP Health Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner

Jan "yon" Saeger

Certified Hypnotist
Certified NLP Health Practitioner
Certified NLP Master Practitioner
Transforming Communication certified
NLP developer

I do this work because I enjoy helping people reach their full potential. There's something magical about working with someone while they break through the barriers that used to limit them, or achieve peak performance, or develop new capabilities that they've never had before.

Jan is a most skilled and sensitive practitioner of NLP … He has a wonderful combination of intelligence, compassion, and well developed methodology.
—A. I. Palmatier, Ed.D. MFT.

I have many years of experience in the healing arts. My years as a massage therapist, and my studies of martial arts and Chi Kung — a Chinese art that moves chi (life force) around the body — give me an good understanding of how the body works and what it needs to heal. I'm fascinated by using the mind to heal physical ailments, and the potential for NLP to reverse aging.

I have hundreds of hours of training in hypnosis and NLP. I was trained by some of the top NLP experts in the world, including Tim Hallbom, Robert Dilts, Suzi Smith, and Richard Bolstad. I have thousands of hours of experience doing NLP and hypnosis with clients.

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Legal disclaimer: Because California does not license practitioners of "alternative healing arts," which include hypnosis, NLP, and the other types of work I do, Jan Saeger is not licensed as a healing arts practitioners by the state of California.